Host a Pushpin Map for your Group

(Or you can access your existing Group's map )

[small print: To create a new map you must have a Google account or Signin here when asked. But to use an existing map, no Signin is required.]

When you *create* a map for your group, your group's name will be part of a URL; consider omitting any spaces and other unusual characters.

Enter the name for your map group here (capitalization matters):

There are a few reasons you may find yourself (back) here. For example you may wish to make a new map page but are not an official google account owner ("a user") and you did not become a user when the offer was made; or you may only be trying to access an existing map page, but you entered the name of the group inaccurately.

Signin if you will be creating a map for your group. You will be returned to this page after you signin.

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