Add a pushpin so other contraUSA gypsies know where you dance

First, click on the map where you dance, or you can enter an address below the map. You can drag your pushpin or the map around before you complete the third step.

Second, in the supplied bubble, fill in your contact info.

Third, click the "submit" button if everything looks right. If not, start over by reloading the page.

Now you are ready to explore the pushpins: roll your mouse slowly over existing pushpins and you will see where other gypsies dance and may be able to "connect" (on a mobile device, click the pin to see). You may remove your pushpin by double-clicking on it. (In a previous version removal required a right-click.) If any clicks don't seem to work, try reloading this web page.

schott DOT bee are eye ae en AT gee em ae eye el DOT com

Pin labels signal the week number or other information. Please maintain your groups information as schedules change. This page is not meant for festivals.

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